• Cushion Tube Matting (per metre)

    Cushion Tube Matting (AKA Vinylite)

    The Vynalite Tube Matting is 100% high quality designed and manufactured from PVC tubes, providing excellent comfort and support underfoot.

    • Cushion Tube Mat makes many workplace situations safer & more comfortable, increasing productivity by reducing the effects of fatigue. 
    • Cushion Tube Mat is also perfect for use around swimming pools & boat flooring.

    Constructed in grid formation, Cushion Tube Mat (AKA Vynalite) is lightweight, easy to roll up and clean and can simply be cut to any size or shape required.

    Vynalite is resistant to flame and chemicals, and impervious to most liquids including acid, oil and alcohol. The structure means it has energy absorbent properties to help prevent equipment damage and breakages.

    Cushion Tube Matting (AKA Vinylite) is a flexible product and therefore is suitable for flat and uneven surfaces. Cushion Tube Mat has excellent drainage and allows liquids to drain away in two directions. With regular cleaning, Cushion Tube Mat (Vynalite) will retain its new appearance.


    Ideal for:

     – Boats

    – Wet Areas

    – Work Shops , Bars , Butchers , Cafe’s etc..

    *** AVAILABLE IN 10 metre roll. For bulk/wholesale price please email sales@foamandrubber.com.au

    $74.95$89.95 Inc. GST

    Cushion Tube Matting (per metre)

    $74.95$89.95 Inc. GST
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    VIP Safety Mat (Black) – 12mm Thick 900 x 1500mm

    VIP Safety Mat (Black) – 12mm Thick 900 x 1500mm

    The VIP Safety Mat (Black) – 12mm Thick 900 x 1500mm is made from 100% high quality and safe material that is designed for:


    – Anti slip traction

    – Anti fatigue

    – Molded beveled edging style or stub edge style

    – Excellent drainage

    – No need for connectors

    – Grease resistant red and general purpose black


    Ideal for:


    – Non-grease kitchen/industrial area

    – Bars

    – Prep Areas

    – Waitress Pick-Up

    – Assembly Lines

    – Behind Counters and more

    Maintenance: Clean both sides, on a regular basis (daily for busy commercial use), with warm water, a deck brush, and a mild detergent absent of bleach, chlorine or butyl.

    $69.95 Inc. GST

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