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Maintaining you gym equipment plays an important part of reducing human risk and damage to gym flooring. We are the professionals and we will supply and install it for you. Call for a Free Quote! 

Gym Upholstery Repair

We repair all types of gym equipment upholstery. Free onsite measure & quote. We can supply, cut & install in timely manner, so the machines are available to be used again in as soon as possible. 

Gym Tiles Supply & Lay

We supply quality rubber gym tiles at realistic prices. Price Beat Guarantee!

Installing home gym flooring is a must when you weigh the benefits, versus the cost. Safety alone is a great reason to purchase rubber gym tiles flooring for your gym. Get yours today!

1. Safety

Safety is always number one! You should never take a chance with your safety while lifting weights. You do not want to slip or trip while carrying or lifting heavy weights.


2. Floor Protection

Rubber gym flooring will protect your current flooring in your new home gym. The extra cost of the rubber flooring will protect your current floor. For example, if you work out in your basement as I do, you don’t want to crack the concrete floor by dropping heavy weights.

You could cost yourself hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars by cracking your flooring. Rubber flooring will protect your current floor and leave it looking perfect if you ever decide to move from your home or move your home gym to another location in your home.


3. Absorb Shock

Shock absorption from the rubber will help protect your floor. Just imagine trying to sit a 400 pound barbell down easy on the concrete floor for every rep on your set of deadlifts.

You shouldn’t have to worry about setting the bar down so easy on every rep! This takes away from your concentration. With a rubber floor, the shock is absorbed and you won’t have to worry about setting the bar down easily on every rep.

5. Professional Look & Feel

Let’s face it, a rubber floor will look great inside your new home gym. You’ll love working out in your gym with it’s professional look and feel. What would you rather have? A bare concrete floor, carpet, or a rubber floor that absorbs noice and reduces shock

4. Noise Reduction

If you will be lifting weights in your home, your workout could become very loud depending on the location of your gym inside your home. Free weights clanking on the floor on every rep can get loud. The correct gym flooring can help reduce noise in your gym.

Your family will very much appreciate the reduction in noise. It can get very annoying for the rest of your family or for you when another member of your family is working out.


Gym Tiles Supply & Lay

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