Rubber Ute Matting

We offer a cut to size service, simply bring your ute to us and we’ll fit it while you wait free of charge!

* Wheel arches or tool box cut out’s

Ute Liner / Ute Matting - From $99 plm

  • Quality hard wearing rubber designed for ute tray backs, vans, trucks and trailers.
  • The ute matting has a raised dimple back for non-slip purposes, designed with holes allowing for easy draining of liquids and good airflow to dry out.
  • UV stabilised, oil and spill resistant.
  • Ideal for use in tray backs, truck trays, small / large ute’s and van’s, also used for industrial floors and workshops.
  • Much cheaper alternative to custom tray liners in brand new vehicles!

Big Rib Rubber - From $89 plm

  • Big Rib Rubber is normally for better grip – a type of matting often used when increased traction and non slip properties are required.
  • Ideal for trays or trailers with covers
  • Big Ribbed Rubber has approximately 11mm gaps from raised ribs, which allow for liquids to drain off, or help to remove liquid from the soles of shoes and boots etc, and allow a single direction of drainage.

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